The Metallic Collection

Whether it be with a rust or aluminum effect, materials and
reliefs are the big feature of our Metallic range. Give your interior
a silver or golden touch.

Are you going for a commercial look? The metal or carbon fibre effect will be ideal. Or do you need to modernise an interior? Create a loft atmosphere easily by covering wardrobes and chair legs. In décor, the metal effect is a safe bet when it is applied tastefully…

AL11 – Silver metal weaving
AL15 – Dark gold fabric
NE47 – Soft brushed gold
NE48 – Dark brushed gold
NE49 – Soft brushed dark silver
NE51 – Soft brushed silver
NG28 – Brown metal wood
Q1 – Matte aluminum
Q2 – Brushed silver
Q3 – Brushed gold
Q50 – Dark brushed silver
Z2 – Black laser