The Leather Collection

Here you can enjoy the sophistication and richness of leather in all its forms. With the Leather range, your décor creates an ‘animal-hide’ effect, which causes a sensation – and no animals have been touched in the process!

In renovation projects, different textures allow you to create a very specific mood in each area you want to tackle.
Are you looking to add a touch of real class to your establishment? Then put these sensational colours in your lounges, or on furniture such as chair backrests or cabinet doors.

NE40 – Grey leather
NE41 – Light grey leather
NE42 – Caramel leather
NE43 – Light cream leather
NG17 – Bronzed leather
NG19 – White bronzed leather
NG20 – Edgy cream
NG23 – Structured white
X6 – Chocolate leather crocodile skin
X51 – Coal black leather